Customary International Law

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Q. 1 Can countries rely on their domestic law as an excuse to violate their obligations under international law?

Q. 2 What is the fundamental premise of monist theory?

Q. 3 What is dualism?

Q. 4 What does the doctrine of incorporation suggest in respect of treaties?

Q. 5 What are self-executing treaties?

Q. 6 What is the fundamental prerequisite for the incorporation of custom under English law?

Q. 7 What dimension did the Kadi judgment introduce with respect to the incorporation of UN Security Council resolutions?

Q. 8 What was the consequence from the absence of implementing legislation in the Tin Council case?

Q. 9 Are there any limitations to the incorporation of customary crimes under English law?

Q. 10 Is the recognition of foreign judgments subject to the same rules as those applicable to the incorporation and transformation of treaties?

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