Indian Evidence Act

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Q. 1 Facts can be

Q. 2 A communication made to the spouse during marriage, under section 122 of Evidence Act

Q. 3 Where there are three different dying declarations, Higher Court is

Q. 4 A leading question has been defined as a question suggesting the answer which the person putting it wishes or expects to receive, under

Q. 5 Under section 146 of the Indian Evidence Act, a witness may be questioned

Q. 6 Under section 118 who amongst the following are competent witnesses

Q. 7 The provision ”hostile witness" is provided under section ...... ..of Indian Evidence Act

Q. 8 Under section 116 of Evidence Act, the tenant is estopped

Q. 9 A files a suit against B for not paying the rent on the basis of a lease agreement. C deposes, that he was present when the agreement is entered into. The evidence given by C is ____ evidence

Q. 10 The doctrine of estoppel is a

Q. 11 The test to determine whether a proceeding is judicial or not is to see…

Q. 12 Presumption as to abetment of suicide by a married woman has been provided

Q. 13 Question as to admissibility of evidence

Q. 14 Under the law of evidence, the relevant fact must be

Q. 15 The doctrine of estoppel is contained in

Q. 16 Under section 41 of Evidence Act the presumption is with respect to

Q. 17 In cases a child is born within 280 days of dissolution of marriage, the mother remaining unmarried the presumption of legitimacy of child under section 112 of Evidence Act arises

Q. 18 An admission which is made as the part of the proceedings so that it is recorded in the file of the court is called

Q. 19 The right to cross-examine on an answer to court question is available

Q. 20 Section 124 of Evidence Act provides for privileged in respect of

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