Civil Procedure Code

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Q. 1 The Code provides for

Q. 2 Under Order VI, Rule 18 of CPC, the time limit, for the purpose of carrying on the amendment in the pleading, by the order of the court

Q. 3 Consequences of disobedience or breach of injunction have been provided

Q. 4 Section 89 of CPC provides for

Q. 5 An application for grant of temporary injunction shall be decided, in cases of grant of ex parte temporary injunction, as provided under Order XXXLX, Rule 3A of CPC, within

Q. 6 No one can have a vested right form of procedure'. The statement

Q. 7 Appointment of receiver has been dealt with

Q. 8 Where a decree is passed against the Union of India or a State for the act done in the official capacity of the officer concerned under section 82 of CPC, execution shall not be issued on any such decree

Q. 9 Which of the following is not a sufficient cause for granting adjournment

Q. 10 If anyone interferes with the possession of the receiver appointed under Order XL of CPC, contempt proceedings against such a person can be initiated by

Q. 11 Inherent powers of the court are contained in

Q. 12 A receiver can be appointed

Q. 13 Notice under section 80 of CPC has to be served on

Q. 14 A procedural law is always subservient to the substantive law. Nothing can be given by a procedural law what is not sought to be given by a substantive law and nothing can be taken away by the procedural law what is given by substantive law. The statement is

Q. 15 ‘Guardian at litem’

Q. 16 Lodging of caveat under section 148A of CPC

Q. 17 On the retirement, removal or death of a ‘next friend’, under Order XXXII, Rule 10 of CPC, the suit is liable to be

Q. 18 A decree does not include......

Q. 19 A ‘next friend’ or guardian, of a minor, in a suit

Q. 20 Section 144 of CPC

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