Indian Contract Act

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Q. 1 A employs B to beat C, and agrees to indemnify him against all consequence of the act. B thereupon beats C, and to pay damages to C for so doing.

Q. 2 It is necessary requirement that in order to bind the parties to the agreement the terms of agreement must be

Q. 3 Contract is defined as an agreement enforceable by law, vide Section … of the Indian Contract Act

Q. 4 A sells his car to B. A has a right to recover the price of the car from B. This right is a

Q. 5 A guarantees to B, the extent of 10,000 rupees, that C shall pay all the bills that B shall draw upon him. B draws upon C, C accepts the bill. A gives notice of revocation. C dishonours the bill at maturity.

Q. 6 A change of nature of obligation of contract is known as

Q. 7 ______ Unlawful contract

Q. 8 A promised to marry B. Later on B died. This contract of marriage

Q. 9 Where the proposal and acceptance is through letters, the contract is made

Q. 10 Which of the following is not an essential element of a contract?

Q. 11 In an action to avoid contract on the ground of under influence the plaintiff needs to prove

Q. 12 A contract dependent on the will of the promisor is

Q. 13 Executed consideration consists of

Q. 14 An acceptance containing additions, limitations or other modifications shall amount to

Q. 15 A agrees to sell a horse worth Rs 1,000 for Rs 10. A denies that his consent to te agreement was freely given.

Q. 16 While determining damages which of the following are taken into account

Q. 17 Which section of the Indian Contract Act deals with effect of mistake as to law

Q. 18 Revocation of offer by letter or telegram can be complete as against promisor

Q. 19 Who among the following has no right to enforce a contract?

Q. 20 For the applicability of section 65 of the Indian contract Act, restoration purposes, when the parties have entered into the contract it must be

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