Simple and Compound Interest

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Q. 1 The difference between of CI and SI for a certain sum of money for 2 years at 10% pa is Rs. 450. Then what is the sum?

Q. 2 C. Kodali invested some money at 9% pa for 2 years and the same amount at 10% pa for 2 years. Together they earned him Rs. 760. Find the amount invested?

Q. 3 Raju deposits Rs. 10000 at the rate of 3% pa and gives his son an interest on his birthday 15th June. The gift amounts to Rs. 120. On what day was the deposit made?

Q. 4 A man earns SI equal to 4/27th of principal, he deposited in a bank. If the bank offered the interest rate equal to number of months the money was kept, find the rate of interest offered by the bank

Q. 5 Soma from China lent certain amount of money to DK. Bose at SI. The amount tripled in 30 years. What was the rate of interest?

Q. 6 Ajay invested a certain sum of money in a simple interest bond whose value grew to Rs.300 at the end of 3 years and to Rs. 400 at the end of another 5 years. What was the rate of interest in which he invested his sum?

Q. 7 GunShatru invested a certain sum of money in a bank that paid simple interest. The amount grew to Rs.240 at the end of 2 years. She waited for another 3 years and got a final amount of Rs.300. What was the principal amount that she invested at the beginning?

Q. 8 Rao invested one half of his savings in a bond that paid simple interest for 2 years and received Rs. 550 as interest. He invested the remaining in a bond that paid compound interest, interest being compounded annually, for the same 2 years at the same rate of interest and received Rs.605 as interest. What was the value of his total savings before investing in these two bonds?

Q. 9 Two equal sums of money were lent out at 6% and 8% SI for 2 years. The total SI earned was Rs. 11200. What was the total sum?

Q. 10 Find the effective annual rate of interest pa equivalent to a nominal rate of interest of 25% pa when interest in payable quarterly?

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