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Q. 1 India does not share its boundary with which of the following countries?

Q. 2 When was the first agriculture census of India conducted?

Q. 3 What does the term NSDL stands for?

Q. 4  In the eye donation, which part of the eye is transplanted from the donor?

Q. 5 Who was known as 'Liberator of the Press'?

Q. 6 Who has become the 1st female player to complete 20 yrs in international cricket

Q. 7 The process of converting coal into synthesis gas is called _________

Q. 8 In which year, Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh were granted Indian statehood?

Q. 9 How many major ports of India are named after individuals?

Q. 10 Which state commenced operations of India’s first Inter-City Electric Bus service?

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